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    Tory and his team was phenomenal. Incredibly thorough - what I found most helpful was his explanation of not just what work needed to be done but why the damage occurred and how it could be prevented in the future. He even provides a schedule of annual maintenance for your home (monthly, quarterly, and annually) to prolong the life of your home and avoid unnecessary expense. If you want an HONEST and thorough inspection, go to these guys; if you want to buy your dream home but don’t want the truth about what awaits you down the line, go to someone else.

    Reina Blake, October 2021
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    Tory made sure that I understood everything he was doing and why he had to do it. He verified some undisclosed issues that I had expected and several others that I did not. He is super helpful and professional. Looking forward to working with this business for my home inspections and repairs going forward.

    Nicky R, October 2021
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    Travon and the team at Protect the Investment help you do just that: protect your home investment. Travon performed a late day inspection and give me an incredibly thorough inspection of my home that will save me real money. I will use them again in a heartbeat!

    Jarrian James, September 2021
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    Travon was exceptionally thorough and professional. He took extra time to explain the entire process and inspect the residence. I highly recommend reaching out to this company for mold testing and remediation.

    Matthew Norris, September 2021
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    I recently purchased a town home in Alexandria and noticed several issues upon moving in that were not mentioned or captured in my initial inspection. Tory came out immediately and did a thorough inspection. He utilized the latest technology to detect current and prior water damage, he noted several major issues in addition to providing me a detailed get well plan. He was extremely knowledge and professional and helped calm my initial reaction to the obviously visible issues. I Highly recommend Tory if you want a detailed, thorough inspection that will be conducted with integrity and honesty.

    Sheena Ballard, September 2021
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    Our home inspector, Travon, was sooooo good. He performed a micro-examination of our new home and statused some major, some minor repairs that need to be made. His drone coverage of the roof for close up photos was phenomenal! You cannot go wrong with Protect the Investment!!

    Sonia Marable, September 2021
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    “Great home inspectors! Was able to schedule ASAP and receive a very quick and complete report. They even left helpful homeowner tips!”

    “I had them look at two properties and they really helped me make sure I didn't get in over my head with the foundational issues in the first property. They walked through both houses with me, explained everything that they saw, and gave me ballpark estimates on when work might need to get done and how much it might cost. They are an excellent resource for deciding whether or not to purchase a property, but also for planning your first years of maintenance at the property.”
    Buyer Closed Dec '20

    “We used Tory to inspect two houses that we made offers on. Tory was incredibly thorough and competent. He brought to our attention that the first home we put an offer on had unpermitted work, which probably saved us thousands of dollars and much stress. He also inspected the home that we ended up buying and helped us make several requests for necessary repairs to the seller. My husband and I would recommend Tory and his company to anyone who wants a thorough inspection before purchasing their new home.”
    Buyer Did Not Sell Dec '20

    “Tory was informative and walked us through everything noteworthy in our new condo.”
    Buyer Closed Dec '20

    “He was efficient and shared necessary information along the way. Made it much easier to ask for any fixes to the property before moving. I knew what to expect when doing my final walkthrough.”
    Buyer Closed Oct '20

    “Troy and company came out with little notice, generated a quick report, and taught me a lot about my purchase. I’d absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a home inspector.”
    Buyer Did Not Sell Jul '20

    “This is one of the best inspections that I have had. The punctuality of the team, communicating the plan of action, the thoroughness of the inspection, the encouragement of asking questions and discussing the results. I highly recommend this company.”
    Buyer Closed Jul '20

    “Inspection was thorough and efficient, and we felt very well taken care of. Tory took the time to explain how to take care of the water heater, etc. and to make the home last.”
    Buyer Did Not Sell Jun '20

    Redfin, December 2020
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    Great Job Guys!!

    D.B., February 2017
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    A fantastic, professional team! Very detailed, organized report.

    J.G., November 2016
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    Outstanding work as always!
    N.B., October 2016
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    Thank you very much for a professional and complete experience...
    B.A., Washington DC, August 2016
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    This is the 2nd property that Tori inspected for me. He was recommended by a realtor who I no longer use, but I kept Tori's information because of the great service that he provided. Tori and his team are extremely thorough, professional and knowledgeable. The inspection report was easy to understand.

    F.D., June 2016
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    Tory and his team were amazing! He took the time to explain the process and guide us through the house as well as answering all our questions thoughtfully and patiently. I would recommend him and his team for sure!

    M.M., May 2016
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    Tory is my "Go To" inspector for all of my clients. He even inspected the home I purchased on the Hill 4 years ago before I was a Realtor! Always punctual and knowledgeable and he treats my clients with the utmost care. Protect The Investment, LLC should be your first choice on home inspections

    Pete Kana, Realtor, DC, MD. VA
    Keller Williams Capital Properties
    P.K., May 2016